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Empathic Design Redefined

Empowering your brand and product impact with empathic design, synergized with integral theory.

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A slider image presentation of one of my portfolio projects - Headsplitter Comics.
Past client logo - Manta Ray Media.Past client logo - Aforja.Past client logo - Section.
Past client logo - NationalGrid.Past client logo - Sanofi.Past client logo - Edmentum.


Synergized Design
for the Future

My design ethos goes beyond the conventional; it's a commitment to crafting harmonious and empathic design that help companies build great products for a better and more prosperous future.

Brand Discovery
& Design

Logo Design

Colour Palettes


Brand Identity

Brand Collateral

UX Research
& Product Design

Surveys & User Interviews

User Personas

Affinity & Empathy Mapping

Wireframing & Prototyping

Usability Testing

Responsive Web
& UI Design

Website Strategy Sessions

Sitemaps & Wireframing

Figma Design

Responsive UI Design

Webflow Development


Recent Work Showcase

Take a look at some recent projects.

An image presentation of one of my portfolio projects - Sentinel.
An image presentation of one of my portfolio projects - Aforja.
An image presentation of one of my portfolio projects - Arcadia.
An image presentation of one of my portfolio projects The Green Bicycle Company.


Design Synergy Unleashed

Synergized brilliance: Design magic in every pixel.

Design Liberation

Enjoy absolute autonomy over your design needs - freedom to access exceptional design when it suits you.

Swift Delivery

Experience prompt design deliveries, from design to development in as little as 1-2 weeks.

$uper $avings

Save significantly compared to in-house designers, contractors, or agencies while preserving impeccable quality.

Instant Onboarding

Get started instantly, save valuable time and accelerate your projects with prompt support.

Integral Insight

Enjoy a holistic design approach that considers all layers of user experience, functionality, and cultural nuances.

Tailored Elevation

Feel assured that through this tailored approach, every design will be a reflection of your distinct identity.


Going Beyond Design

Dive into a world of possibilities with my range of secondary services.

2D Animation
& Motion Design

Motion Graphics

Ad Design

Promotional Videos

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Video Editing
& Post-Production


Colour Grading

Visual Effects

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Social Media Management

Content Creation

Post scheduling

Basic analytics

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A More Holistic Design Philosophy

My design approach is informed by Ken Wilber's integral theory.

Integral is fundamentally about looking at the whole picture. In design, this means not simply aesthetics, functionality, or even the user's perspective – it's about all of them, seamlessly integrated.

'I' space

'It' space

'We' space

'Its' space

'I' space

The Upper Left Quadrant represents the individual's subjective experience, focusing on user experience and the importance of understanding and empathizing with users' perspectives.

'It' space

The Upper Right Quadrant embodies the measurable and tangible aspects of design, including tracking objective metrics; essentially the tangible & physiological elements of user experience.

'We' space

The Lower-Left quadrant focuses on shared values, norms, collective experiences and considers the cultural, social, and emotional aspects that influence user behaviour.

'Its' space

The Lower-Right quadrant relates to the systemic aspects of design. This is the ‘how’ of getting things done, including technical development or building a highly functional prototype.


Clients Say

Aimée not only delivered the project on time and was fun to work with, she also has a strong sense of empathy and an ability to take vague requirements and deliver something great.

Martin Kelly

CEO & Co-Founder HealthXL & Aforja

Aimée has a super varied skillset - I think she has skills she doesn't even know! She is not only creative, but prepared, organised and managed the project fantastically!

Photo of Shwetha Ramachandrappa, Trustee at Unique.

Shwetha Ramachandrappa

Trustee at Unique

I always have full faith that even on short deadlines, Aimée gets stuck in and does what needs to be done. She's fun, adaptable, and works brilliantly with clients. In short, Aimée is f*cking good at everything.

Photo of Adam Brichto, head of film at Manta Ray Media.

Adam Brichto

Head of Film at Manta Ray Media

Tech stack

My Tech Stack Unveiled

Streamlined collaboration, seamless communication.

Comms & Collab

The logo for Notion product management software.The logo for Slack messaging software.The logo for Cap screen sharing software.

Design & Dev

The logo for Figma design software.The logo for Webflow web building software.The logo for GitHub development platform.


Still Have Questions?

Your queries answered – navigating the ins and outs of Synergized's design services.

Who is behind Synergized?

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Synergized is the brainchild of me - Aimée McLernon, an artist and self-taught designer hailing from Northern Ireland.

The majority of your design work will be handled by me, although occasionally there may be times when we will partner with select professionals to supercharge your design, for example with marketing and communication specialists, or if you require more complex web development.

What sets you apart from other services?

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My services stand apart through my commitment to a truly integral approach. Integral thinking isn't just a design technique for me; it's a core philosophy that shapes all aspects of my creative process.

Integral theory and the four quadrant model, with its emphasis on the different yet intersecting dimensions of the world, is highly motivating for me. It has also been shown that organizations that consider all four quadrants of integral theory do better in terms of outcomes.

With each project, I seek to embody the principles of integral theory, creating designs that reflect and cater to the complex nature of human experience, with the goal of creating a more truly integral future landscape for business and tech.

Why did you choose the integral approach?

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Integral theory caught my attention during my teenage years. The deeper I delved into its principles, the more compelled I felt to weave them into my everyday life. It wasn't just about spirituality and health practices; it was about crafting a holistic life.

This realization seamlessly aligned with my budding interest in web and product design. I saw the opportunity to practically apply the principles of integral theory to my work, transforming it into not just a career but a meaningful journey of personal and professional alignment.

What does your process look like?

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Beginning with our initial discovery call, you'll introduce me to your business, we'll identify any problems that need solved or what you wish to communicate with your brand, and determine if we're a good fit.

Following this, we'll hold a more in-depth strategy session that will serve to ensure our goals are aligned, and go into more detail about what the end result of the design will look like. I'll then send you the proposal and if all is to your liking, we'll sign the contract and the design process begins!

I'll start by sharing some initial wireframes and mood-board for art direction over Slack. I'll also invite you to a private Notion team-space where we can collaboratively manage tasks until the project is completed.

What's your pricing like?

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It all depends on the scope of your project. My costs typically range from £1,000 - £3000 for a landing page or basic website, and ranges higher if your project is more complex. I offer custom pricing packages for branding and product design, based on your needs.

With my services you can have peace of mind that I will:

Maintain your project for as long as is needed.

Support you in the transition of maintenance over to you on Webflow if desired.

Increase your site's search engine visibility with optimized SEO.

Deliver a beautiful final project that will keep customers coming back.

Are your websites SEO-optimized?

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Absolutely, SEO optimization is a cornerstone of my services. I'll meticulously integrate strategic techniques to enhance your website's visibility, ensuring it stands out in the vast digital landscape.